about Doctor Spectacular LIVE!

The Modern Adventures of Doctor Spectacular
A LIVE Radio Play

Coming Soon to The Annoyance Theatre!

I’m super stoked about this.  Doctor Spectacular is a project I started many years ago, long before the days of Doormen. The Award Winning Webseries.. It went through several versions in its inception. Originally I wanted it to be a webseries, but I loved the characters too much to limit them to an <5min format.  So we wrote what we wanted to decided to figure out the next step later.  The result was something amazing, but entirely un-producible.  We have 10, 10min episodes that tell the story of Doctor Spectacular.  Both as stand alone episodes, but also they tell the greater story of their relationship throughout the 10 episodes.  And then we were stuck.  It was too big and too expensive to film on my own.  We thought about animating it. And while I have a couple friends in the animation world, it was too still too big/ and too expensive to have done as a favor.  So we were stuck.  We had this great work, but without some generous backer there was no way it was going to be produced.

Enter the Radio Play.

Imagine a live production of a radio show, on stage with 6 actors voicing over 70+ bizarre characters in a superhero/villain filled universe, a live foley artist creating all the sounds, and a sarcastic narrator, who’s a little over the whole thing.

Of course I’m hoping some big shot producer (IFC, SyFy, Cartoon Neworkork, I’m looking at you guys) finds themselves in the audience and wants to make this happen for real, but until then we’ll have fun being idiots on stage!

The Modern Adventures of Doctor Spectacular: A LIVE Radio Play!
Doctor Spectacular is an evil supervillain, but due to a downturn in the economy the bank foreclosed on his underground volcano lair, and he was forced to take a temp job in an office mailroom in order to get by. Join Doctor Spectacular, Andrew the Zookeeper, and a cast of over 70+ characters in a live Radio Play as Spectacular faces his great nemesis yet… real life…

Previews on Sunday March 6th and March 13th at The Annoyance Theatre as a part of their Triple Feature

More Details on the Preview on facebook here: FACEBOOK