Everybody Lied to Me



What they never told you about life after college…

“Outstanding! Our students really enjoyed it as did I!… The no holds-barred show was a hit! Jason’s energy and comedic flare keeps you on your toes. Amazing show!”

-Chris Lambert, Student Activities Coordinator
Lord Fairfax Community College

As a child growing up, we’re all told “Don’t worry about being popular. Just work hard, sacrifice, and everything will work out perfectly in the end, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.” And we believed them… Comedian J Thomas Mayfield stars in this “hilarious and honest” comedy about the moment he first realized everybody lied to him…

“Everybody Lied to Me was possibly the most hilarious & inspiring performance I’ve ever witnessed.”


As inspirational as it is hilarious Everybody Lied to Me has been playing theaters, festivals, and campuses all over the country. More than just comedy, Everybody Lied to Me is a collection of Jason’s best stand-up and stories, about what they didn’t tell you about life after college, about finding what it is you want to do with your life.  Finding your passion, and above all, finding what feeds you…”


“The show was phenomenal, and a sight I’ll never forget. I suggest it to all.”


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