Hey Team!

Welcome to my site JasonThomasMayfield.com, the place for the thoughts, ideas, musings, ramblings, and all things Jason Thomas Mayfield. [ugh, vomit. I can’t believe I just said that. Why are you even here...]

This is a public blog. And for that I invite you to interact with it.  Ask you. Beg you. Call me out. Question me.  Debate me. Talk to other people about it. Laugh at serious stuff. Seriously analyze foolish stuff.  Make jokes. Lots of them.  One of the most beautiful things about comedy is its ability to dissect an idea and offer a critique, but in an approachable manner. (see everything Louis CK does)  And see HERE for my other thoughts on the ideals of comedy.

My promise to you.  I will always be honest with where I am.

“Don’t try to be profound. Just be honest.  Because this day and age being genuinely honest is incredibly profound…”

And in return I ask you to hold me to that.  Hold each other to that.  But in that I ask you to follow a very strict very important policy.  I call it my Don’t be a dick policy

It goes like this:

Don’t be a dick.

That’s all I ask.

So thanks for stopping by. If you like something. Say so.  If you don’t like something. Say so.  And tell your friends. And also that whole facebook/twitter/social media stuff.  I hate asking, but it helps if you like and follow me on that stuff.

And if you see me at a live show, come say Hi.  I like friends.

It’s a big world, and we’re all in it together.



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