A Mass Email to College Theatre Departments


My name is Jason Thomas Mayfield. I’m a comedian, actor, and writer living in New York City, and I regularly teach and perform all over the US.

Right now I’m working on a book based off a very popular acting master class I’ve been teaching for the past 5 years called “Your [Naked] Body as Costume.” Mostly I’ve been teaching through the Educational Theatre Association (www.SchoolTheatre.org) as a guest artist at their many state thespian festivals, including the International Thespian Festival, and their National Conference for teacher training.

“Jason is one of our most requested guest artists”
-Dianne Carr, Director of Chapters and Communities
Educational Theatre Association

I’m writing because this school year the EdTA has me flying out to a city near your campus, and I would love to bring “Your [Naked] Body as a Costume” as an acting master class to your department. I understand budgets can be tight, which is why I bring this up, but since I’ll already be in the area you won’t have to worry about travel costs.

“Jason was a great hit with his workshops and wonderful to work with. I’m hoping to bring him back this year”
-Martha Louden, West Virginia Thespians Chapter Director



Your [Naked] Body as a Costume” is a hands on, highly interactive workshop about the powerful and intimate link between our physicality and our emotions. Why do we drop our heads when we’re depressed? How did the iconic “model walk” come about, and why does it look so damn confident? Why is it that we can recognize a friend from a distance just by the way they walk before they’re even close enough to see their face? Part acting class, part psychology experiment, we play with manipulating emotions with just our physicality and vice versa, all the while learning how each character we play on stage and each person we encounter in real life walks, stands, gestures, and carries themselves differently, and what that says about who they are as an individual.



Jason Thomas Mayfield is a comedian, actor, and storyteller living in Brooklyn. “Your [Naked] Body as a Costume” is a culmination of all he’s learned from separate degrees from different colleges in Theatre and Modern Dance, and his long and varied performance career including musical theatre in Dallas, TX; modern dance in Prague, Cz; Children’s Theatre in Charlotte, NC; working with a magician in Baltimore, MD; a residency in Nagaoka, Jp; and a nation-wide tour with his hilarious and moving one-man-show “Everybody Lied to Me.” He performs and teaches all over the country. For more visit www.JasonThomasMayfield.com. Jason was also vice president of his high school thespian troupe.

Below are the dates and cities I’ll be in over this academic year. I’m am of course available and interested in any and all dates you’d like to bring me out, but the closer to one of these weekends I’ll already be in your area, the more of a discount I’ll be able to offer.


Phoenix, AZ- Nov 18-19

Dallas, TX- Dec 1-3

St. Louis, MO- Jan 12-14

Birmingham, AL- Jan 20-21

Blacksburg, VA- Feb 3-5

Columbus, GA- Feb 9-11

Salem, OR- April 6-8


“I took the ‘Naked Body’ workshop at the International Thespian Festival last year, and it was an amazing experience!”
-John Bryant
Student, Western Oregon University

“It helped me as a person and an aspiring actress.”
-Alexis McCourt
Student, Troy Buchannan High School; Troy, MO

I look forward to hearing from you and coming out to your campus soon!


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