Welcome Matt Clevy!

I’m super excited to finally announce the casting of Matt B in Doormen. The Award-Winning Webseries.

Matt Clevy will be playing one of the two Doormen alongside me in PJ Party Comedy’s new webeseries.

Peter and I have worked with Clevy on our improv team Wizard Needs Food (2012-2014) and also with the original production of “The Modern Adventures of Doctor Spectacular: A LIVE Radio Play” He’s hilarious, and brings a realism to his comedic characters, that isn’t seen very often in comedy. Everything he does is on point, and Peter and I are very excited to be working with him again.

Check him out at http://www.MattClevy.com

and also in this short scene from an improv show by Wizard Needs Food from Dec. 2013. He plays the president. Also featured are the rest of the WNFimprov team: Adam Dyminski, Emily Golden, Peter Zimmermann, and myself (all of whom you’ll be seeing appear in the first season of Doormen. The Award-Winning Webseries.)

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