I wrote a play!

This note is mostly for the thespians I’ve met throughout these past couple years of festivals, but if anyone else is interested in producing it I’ll gladly talk to you too!

I wrote a play!

With two of my funniest friends.

It’s called “The Modern Adventures of Doctor Spectacular” A LIVE Radio Play for a minimum of 6 actors: 4m, 2f, and one foley artist.

The Premise: Doctor Spectacular is an evil supervillain, but since the bank foreclosed on his underground volcano lair, he’s had to take a temp job in an office mailroom. Now with the help of his newly assigned Second-in-Command (and fellow mailroom employee) Andrew the Zookeeper, Doctor Spectacular must now take on his greatest nemesis yet… real life.

It’s hilarious. It’s touching. It’s mostly a story about the accidental friendship between Spectacular and Andrew.

We’ve had one production here in NYC, and it was a blast! Now I’m looking to partner with a couple schools over the next year to produce it, so I can see it on its feet in various venues before I submit it for publication.

Teachers. Email me at JasonThomasMayfield(at)gmail for a copy of the script and more information.

Students. Check with your theatre director and see if they’ve decided on their season for next year. And if it’s not decided yet, have them email me at JasonThomasMayfield(at)gmail.

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