On Reaching our Second Milestone with Doormen. The Webseries. The Kickstarter.

I am unbelievably thankful to how much everyone has shown up and supported our kickstarter thus far.

I get that what we’re asking is a big thing.  We’re asking people to literally just hand us their money with a promise that Peter and I are going to make something worth while out of it. Something that is going to be available free in the end. Meaning if you don’t give anything at all. And it still gets made. You’ll still get to enjoy it. Regardless of whether or not you actually funded it.

That’s a ridiculous ask.

To ask people to give you money for something before it’s made. That after it’s made. They can enjoy even if they didn’t give you money.

Ridiculous. I know.

But somehow. For some reason. You’ve donated $2,000 thus far. And I thank you. WE thank you. So unbelievably much.

Once we reach our goal. And Doormen. The Webseries. is up, you know that you made that happen. A small part of the show you own. Because, honestly, without you it wouldn’t have been made. So thank you.



Thank you.

And please enjoy this thank you video.

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