On Doormen. The Webseries. The Kickstarter. Or yes, you are absolutely about to be sick of hearing about this…

Hey guys!

I am unbelievable excited to launch this kickstarter to raise the money to shoot my new webseries:

Doormen. The Webseries.

Kickstarter Link HERE!

My writing partner Peter Zimmermann and I have been working on it for the last year and it’s finally ready to take public.

Doormen. The Webseries. is about two best friends, both named Matt, who both work as doormen at a rich, fancy apartment building in Manhattan. But despite the fact that they have the most mundane job in the universe, they love every second of it because they get to hang out with their best friend, both at their job and also in the imaginary, bizarre, and ridiculous worlds they create in their heads in order stave off boredom.

It’s a blast!

We are thrilled to finally get to share with you all where we are offer you all the chance to share in this project we hold so dear to our hearts. For you to take ownership of it yourself. To add your name to this amazing project that has become something so much bigger than either Peter or I could create ourselves. (Including literally adding you name to one of the characters. For donors of a certain amount we’ll rename a character after you!!)

Also check out our series director, Austin Herring and his production company, Snow Story Films here: SnowStoryFilms.com

And be sure to follow Doormen. The Webseries. on Facebook and twitter for progress and updates!!

Doormen Facebook

Doormen Twitter

We are so excited to give this thing life. We are honored that you would want to join us in it. We know we couldn’t do this without you so thank you. Thank you all for your donations. For you shares. For your encouragement. For simply liking and following. You guys are the ones who are going to make this happen, and I can’t wait so see it come alive!!

Follow the link below to find out more about donating.

On behalf of Peter and Austin, again, thank you so so so much!


Link: Doormen. The Webseries. The Kickstarter.

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