On Racism and Why Are We Still Having this Conversation

So I don’t really do race humor. It’s not really one of my things.

[Said the 30yo middle-class, suburban, white guy with ZERO culture what so ever…] I get it. I know the territory we’re getting into here…

I mean I’ve got this joke, but that’s about it.


Race is a delicate issue. And that’s part of the reason I don’t really touch it.  I can’t really speak on race with authority or experience because I don’t have enough of it.

The closest I get is that I have the kind of face that if you stare at it long enough I start to look vaguely jihad-y.  If I- and this is true- if I let me beard grow out a little too long I start to get “randomly” selected at the airport for additional screening.

So I’ll joke about that. And the “random” selection process. But race in general I try and avoid. Not because I think it shouldn’t be explored, or exposed through comedy. Quite the opposite, actually. It should be explored for all it’s worth, I just don’t think I’m qualified to treat it fairly.

But with all this stuff that’s been going down lately, it seems hard to not say anything.

So the one thing I feel I can speak to is this.  It seems like every time we start to have another discussion about race and inequality someone jumps on the tv and starts shouting about why are we still having this conversation because “It’s not a problem any more.” “We’re passed that.”  “People should stop whining.” “There are other problems to solve.” And it’s always some middle-aged white guy, with a fat face, and the exact same left-to-right hair cut as the guy on his left, and enough money to pay someone to comb it for him.

And that really bothers me.

It really bothers me.

The very fact that you can’t conceive the idea that someone who grew up in a different race/culture that you, could possibly have different problems than you is an exact example of the racist excrement you say we’re passed.

Your fat white problems are not the same problems as that everyone else has. In fact. I going to go so far as to say your fat white problems aren’t even problems.

I’m sorry you can’t get that 7:30 window table on a Saturday night at Le Bernardin, but then again you did call at 6:30, so that’s kind of on you.

And NO. You can’t ask your waiter for a different bottle of ketchup, ‘one that hasn’t been opened yet’ even if you are genuinely afraid someone is going to get their poor on you.

There are people who are different than you and have different problems than you.

Like for example this. (The story I read that spawned this whole rant) About a guy named Jose Zamora who would send in his resume, but couldn’t get an interview anywhere until he dropped the ‘S’ and changed his name to Joe. And then all of a sudden the interviews started pouring in, many from the same companies that didn’t respond to Jose.

Huffpost story here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/02/jose-joe-job-discrimination_n_5753880.html

So the next time you feel like race ‘just isn’t an issue anymore’ Stop. Because it is. It is, when the reason Jose can’t get a simple job interview turns out to be potential employers are made uncomfortable with Jose having too many ‘esays’…

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