Still Grounded Podcast

or, yeah it’s another podcast it get it, but here’s the what and the why…

Still Grounded- with Jason Thomas Mayfield, is a new weekly podcast I’m super excited to be releasing in exactly one week.  It’ll still be in its infant stages once we go public, so please bare…. bear?… bare… (one’s an animal, and one means naked…) hmm, just be nice.

This is a very personal project that I’m super excited dig into.

Still Grounded- exploring the intersection of Christianity, Art, and Entertainment. or, Jason talks to Artists who talk to God…

I love talking art with artists, dance with dancers, music with musicians, comedy with comedians, and nerding out on philosophy and theory and the intricacies that make things come alive.  I have a weird and varied background in the arts before I eventually landed in the comedy world, which allows me to dig into those various arts on a more knowledgeable level, and also kinda geek out a bit.

I also nerd out on Christianity the same way.  Most of you know I’m a Christian, and how it’s something that I’m constantly exploring. See HERE in “Christian. Comedian. But definitely not a Christian Comedian”

This podcast is going to be the intersection of those worlds.  I will be talking to all kinds of artists- comedians, actors, musicians, ballet dancers, choreographers, photographers, writers, directors, magicians, singers, musical saw players, etc. who are ALSO Christians, but definitely not “Christian Artists”

We’ll talk art. Creativity. God. Faith. Entertainment. Late nights in Bars. Loneliness. The Roller Coaster of Success and Failure. Roller Coasters. Felt Board Noahs. Sunday School Lessons. Christian College Coffee Shops. Why God. Who is God. God as an Artist and a Creator. And that passion and drive that feeds artist and fuels artists and entertainers to keep doing what they do, and what that means as someone who ultimately understands their gift comes from God. And how it feels to sometimes be excluded from both worlds, When the artistic world rejects you for being a Christian, and when the Christian world rejects you for being worldly and artsy.

I talk a lot. My mouth runs faster than I can keep up with. I ask deep, probing, irreverent, complicated questions that I don’t know if I would want to answer myself, and then we’ll try and answer them together. Often times I say things and believe things about God that if my mom heard she might ground me. It’s ok though because I’ve been grounded my entire life.

So please join me on this journey. Add to the conversation. Discuss. Debate. Call me out. Ground me. And of course LIKE us on Facebook. And listen on iTunes as we go public!


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