The Post Sandy Update

or, I Was Hit With A Hurri-CAN Not A Hurri-CANT

First of all, thank you to everyone out there for all your support, well wishes, and your prayers. It means so much, and please continue to support and pray for those who were hit much harder than I was.

At my apartment we were luckily only hit with fraction of the force of this storm.

Which was bad.

Not a real photo of Sandy

Then it got really bad.

Also not a real photo of Sandy

So we rode it out with a marathon night of disaster movies, starting with The Perfect Storm, and ending with The Day After Tomorrow.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

We also took a break and in the middle of everything went up to the roof of our apartment to go yell at the storm.

Me yelling at the storm:

I said, “NO! Bad Hurricane! Bad Hurricane!”

Kids don’t try this at home. Although this is a picture of me doing just that. Trying this at home.

By the end of it all we didn’t even lose power once. I was joking in the aftermath that because of Hurricane Sandy, I didn’t shower for 2 whole days. We still had power and running water the whole time, but because everything else was closed down I just never had to leave my apartment or get out of my pjs. Which basically turned the storm into an extra long weekend of roommate hangout time. #Awesome

Although I am really frustrated because of the timing of everything. Tuesday’s NYC premiere of Everybody Lied to Me ended up being canceled. I know there are worse things in the world. I know there are worse things that happened because of this storm. As I write this now exactly one week after the storm hit there are still people without power. There are people whose homes were destroyed. There are people who suffered real loss. But I’m still really torn up about my show’s cancellation. And so many of you out there have donated, and supported, and spread the word to help make this a great event, and I’m sorry that this ended up happening.

But I also wanted you to know that a rescheduling is in the works. I don’t know if it’s going to happen any time soon. But that it is definitely in the works. Along with several other projects that I’m going to be releasing throughout the next year. That I’m very excited to take you along for the ride.

So keep your eyes open for

  • The college tour of Everybody Lied to Me
  • Several more Thespian Festival appearances (I’m coming back to most of the festivals I was at last year and I’m adding a few new ones this time around including Texas and Georgia!)
  • The release of an all-new web series, which I am super excited about called The Modern Adventures of Doctor Spectacular [working title]
  • All new episodes of In( )Recent News…

and so much more…

I also wanted to say keep a look out. Thank you gifts for everyone who donated to the premiere of #ELtM will be on their way very soon!

And one last thing I wanted to share with everyone.  I live in Brooklyn, but Wednesday morning I had to go into the city. And with half the city still flooded and without power, the subway was out of commission, so I had to walk. Which took me about 3 hours to get to where I needed to go, a trip that normally takes about 45 min. It was frustrating. Tiring. Annoying. Long. And even though I planned for it taking long, I still got there late… I hate being late. But I did get to take this picture along the way. I was standing on the middle of the Manhattan Bridge and took this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and all of lower Manhattan.

This is two days after Sandy, and it made me think. Things are moving forward. Things are always moving forward. Sometimes at a walking pace and it takes 3 hours when it should only take about 45min. Sometimes you lose power to half the city. Sometimes you get an extra long weekend to just relax in your apartment in your pjs. Sometimes very important things get canceled. But nothing is permanent. And you keep moving forward. I am moving forward. And I am very excited about what’s coming. And I’m excited to take you all on the journey and share everything along the way.


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